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We are Singapore based landscape contractor which doing almost every things within landscaping related matters. Landscape design, installation, construction, maintenance and aboricultural consultancy works are main business that we are providing. We are not only able to produce garden design and installation also do follow up maintenance after construction or planting workhas done. Furthermore, conservation of mature trees, tree care services such as tree pruning, tree inspection, tree health & structural assessment and prepare report for owner or relevant authorities are also part of our products.


Trunk & Petal is well arranged business organization including professional management and skillful operational team proportionately. We are a team which is combination of horticulturist, arborist, landscape designer, safety personal and skill operators to build our customer’s trust.
Currently we arehaving 25 manpower to run this business, most of them have already obtained appropriate skill certs in their own level.

Project List

We have done numerous landscaping works for various types of customers from individual house owners to public and private corporations. Most of them are returning customers which are shown in our project list.